Wasatch Beach Volleyball Juniors


We are pleased to offer junior level beach volleyball instruction and coaching at Wasatch Beach. Whether you are just learning to play or taking your skills and fitness to the next level, we can help. Visit our instruction page to learn more about coaching from our Wasatch Beach Volleyball Pros.

Wasatch Beach Juniors training is designed to enhance any athlete’s level of play and understanding of the game and will consist of beginner to advanced skill levels so every athlete can find a level that is best for them. We designate our courts according to age and skill level. We provide a safe and challenging atmosphere for each and every athlete to learn and grow. Training in the sand will help your athlete increase vertical, speed and agility, and the over all ability to perform.

Sand volleyball is exploding in the U.S. as college programs are offering scholarships to young women and PAC 12 programs are now recruiting for sand. Playing volleyball in the sand offers many advantages to indoor players who want to improve their game. Most people’s first response to playing in the sand is that is increases your vertical, which it does, but to add to the vertical, it also helps your joints. Not only is the sand better for your body, but it also helps to strengthen those joints. In addition, when you play in the sand as a middle you are learning to pass and move faster, libero’s and setters are learning how to terminate, and the outsides are improving their shots, ball control, and vertical.”

Regardless of your weaknesses indoor, in the sand, there are only two of you and communication is key. As an athlete, you’ll face your weaknesses head on, improve on your ball control which makes you a better player .. this means when you return indoors, you’ll expand on your digging range with your speed and agility. You will also improve your ability to read players, and predict what will happen in the game. This is one of the most important skills of all. Being able to anticipate an opponents shot will help you in every position indoor and on the sand!

Get in the sand at Wasatch Beach now with the following options!!!

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Summer 2016 Programming:

  • Elite Team Tryouts - $35 per person
    • May 21 | 30 Kids accepted total | 18 Girls & 12 boys | Teams 18 U 16 U 14 U players will sign up individually and be assigned a partner
    • Cost $499 if selected (Package includes gear, entry to 2 JO Qualifiers and 3 additional beach doubles events, Elite coaching & conditioning at WBV and at AAU JO for those that qualify to travel - cost for travel not included)
    • Elite training will run Tuesday & Thursday for 5 weeks from 9–11am begining June 7
  • 5 Tournaments (See dates below) - Cost $35.00 per person per event
  • 2 Five week Beach Skills Training Pods (Open to all levels of play)
    • Boys and Girls 12 to 18
    • $250.00 per pod (225 for Members)
    • Every Tuesday & Thursday running from 11am to 1pm
    • Pod 1 begins June 7
    • Pod 2 begins July 12
  • "All Season Summer Pass" - Unlimited entry to all summer programming (coaching AND tournaments) $399 (Does not include Elite Program)

Click here to register for the "Summer Pass" and "Coaching"

Download Juniors registration form (for offline front desk registration only)

* Notice: Refunds only available if cancellation is 24 hours advanced notice to the event you have signed up for

May 20AVP First National Qualifier12 – 18SatRegister
June 2-3AAU National Qualifier12 – 18Fri-SatRegister
June 9-10AVP First Grand Slam Qualifier12 – 18Fri-SatRegister
July 7-8AVP First National Qualifier12 – 18Fri-SatRegister
July 21-24AVP Nationals Hermosa Beach12 – 18Fri-MonRegister
Aug 4-5Utah State Beach Championships12 – 18Fri-SatRegister

*Additional Information:

WBV Friday Juniors K&Q League

  • No partner required | Fun format that teaches players how adapt quickly to a new partner
  • League begins May 27 | Start times at 5 PM | Guaranteed 4 games to 21 | Players can show up at 4:00 to train before games start | $90 per player(70 if member) and runs for 10 weeks | OK if a player misses a week | No regular partner needed
  • Divisions 18 U | 16 U | 14 U